What is axpand and How Can it Help You?

axpand is software designed to help map-makers make excellent maps. axpand joins the best of two worlds, GIS systems and graphic programs, to cut down on the number of steps in the map-making process.

Most systems that provide database cartography began as GIS systems. The cartography functionality was added later. axpand started as a cartography system and is specifically designed for the production of maps from beginning to end. See some of the features in axpand.

is the ONLY system on the market today that covers the entire production process in one system. axpand's automation is the best on the market.

axpand is available as an onsite installation and as axpand on Demand – a Software as a Service solution.

Axes Systems is responsible for the development, sales, marketing and distribution of axpand both as in-house and Software as a Service installations. Axes Systems does not make maps, we develop software that enables our customers to make high-quality, professional maps.

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Frequently Asked Questions about axpand.

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