on Demand Solutions for Publishers

The economic crisis is over for you! Produce excellent maps faster, easier and save money. Check out our axpand on Demand SaaS solution for publishers and map makers.

  • You have a product line of great maps. These include various types of maps from regional to global, from customized to thematic.
  • You produce your maps with resources from several internal departments and/or external partners who use popular graphic design tools.
  • During the production process, the files generated in these graphic design tools are passed back and forth for completion and quality control.
  • To make changes or updates, the graphic files are edited individually. This means that, in some cases, the same work is being done multiple times.

For all of these reasons, you know that there is an opportunity to improve your production process, your resource allocation, your data storage and data integrity. There is an opportunity to positively impact your bottom line. You want to save time and make more money.

You need an application that

- smoothly migrates the map data in your existing graphic files and data sources to one, seamless data base that allows for production of all of your map products from one, single data source

- doesn't require graphic files or data to be passed around

- can be instantly accessed by external partners and allows for assignment of maps and tasks. You maintain full control over your data, the production process and quality assurance at all times.

- is designed for making excellent maps and includes all of the tools necessary for high-quality visualization and convenient cartographic editing

- includes everything you need to complete the production process including layout for several different output channels, including print and internet

axpand on Demand is this application. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that is available completely over the internet. There is no need to install and maintain software, there are no license costs, only subscription fees for the application you need, when you need it and for how long you need it. Best of all, you can work efficiently with all of your partners from anywhere and produce excellent maps quickly and effectively without passing your valuble data back and forth.

Let us show you how axpand on Demand can improve your bottom line. Contact us!

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