Axes Systems Takes Leap Forward by Enabling FME Interface

Axes Systems, a leading innovator in the map-making world, has made another giant leap forward in its quest to enable map-makers to access and use location-based data quickly and easily for the creation of high-quality map and data products. The addition of a native axpand reader and writer plug-in within the FME framework now enables users of axpand, Axes Systems’ core product, to access data from all FME supported formats. Current users of FME can also apply sophisticated axpand automation features including automated generalization, automated incremental updating and automatic labeling to their geo-data as well as edit and generate high quality PDF and raster map products for printing and digital distribution.

Axes Systems’ core product axpand is considered the most highly automated software package on the market for the production of map products. In today’s market, with diminishing resources and ever-increasing demands for quality and accuracy, automation plays an increasingly critical role in map production. axpand has shown to reduce some of the most time-intensive manual tasks in map-making by up to 80%. Axes Systems sees a potential to increase this level of automation even further. Introducing FME as an integrated interface to axpand is a major step in this direction and will allow map-makers and data providers to simplify their processes significantly.

Here is how FME and axpand work together.

The newly introduced FME reader/writer plug-in functions as a first step in a fully automated map production process. Once geo-data has been quickly and easily introduced into axpand using FME, the data can be visualized, automatically generalized to a required scale and either edited for map finishing within axpand or sent to external systems. Source geo-data that has been updated can be effortlessly introduced to the axpand data base and the data in the derived scales automatically updated without compromising on map quality. Maps can be output in several different formats, including print, mobile, and over the internet or as high quality geo-data. This automated process is a breakthrough in map production and has put Axes Systems on the map in the past two years as a recognized leading innovator in the industry.

axpand is available as either a stand-alone system or can be easily embedded in existing systems as an automation component.  The web-based software-as-a-service capabilities of axpand open up new possibilities for distribution and ‘crowd-sourcing’.