Advantages to axpand on Demand - Software as a Service

axpand on Demand is a Software as a Service application available over the internet as axpand Professional, axpand Collaborate and axpand Share.. All of the features and functionality necessary to map excellent maps is available in an economical, online application.

Here are some of the reasons why axpand on Demand is an economically interesting option:

  • People can be using axpand on Demand productively within days. There is no long system integration phase.
  • axpand on Demand allows for the integration of the entire 'ecosystem', including outsourcing partners and end-users. This is not possible with in-house systems.
  • It is possible to provide customers with maps on demand and high levels of customization in short amounts of time.
  • axpand on Demand allows for instant, real-time quality assurance.
  • All existing capital in the form of GIS or graphic data can be migrated to axpand easily.
  • axpand on Demand can be used with existing client hardware. There is no investment in further infrastructure necessary.
  • axpand on Demand is accessed over the internet on any Windows PC, Mac or Linux client through a normal browser.

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